Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Pick-Pocket

The top of that head looks oddly familiar...

And that is because it is Nori!  Ori's Older brother, and the company's original thief.  He is my 2nd all needle felted dwarf and was made specifically for Jed Brophy when I found out that he was going to be at Dragon*Con in 2014.  Yes, I know I'm just a little late in post this progression.  

And now we come to the hardest part, the reason I stayed away from him for so long, and the reason I'm still staying away from Dori, all those BRAIDS! 
SEVEN (7) on the chin 

And THREE (3) on the top!  Why are they a part of your eyebrows, Nori, WHY? 

Turns out Nori really does have braids in the back, but I didn't find out until months later.  Oops? 
Here are the brothers together.  Adam Brown was also going to be at Dragon*Con in 2014, and I already had an Ori doll made, talk about convenient!  
And they were both very nice and let me take a photo of them holding my dolls, even though they aren't technically allowed to!  Adam was super sweet and insisted I get a hug, even though I was in cosplay and was sweating, and I told him so, but he apparently didn't care.

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