Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Her name is Agent

So, at first glance it's a very strange bowling pin or....

And so it begins. The first female doll I've ever needle felted. 

She's also the first not to have arms just sticking out at the sides. Because Peggy just wouldn't do that. 

Her head shape ended up being drastically different from what I normally do on my dolls, but I think it works for her. Something else also changed before the green of the dress was put on, can you guess?

And here she is all finished!  Her hair isn't quite what I had wanted, but after having only done dwarves before this I think I did a fine job. 

I'm actually going to be giving this to Hayley Atwell on May 9th at the Philly comic con when I get her autograph or get my photo op. Which ever one I'm less tongue tied for!

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