Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dwarrow, this is the scribe

My second Dwarrow from the Hobbit.  Ori, brother to Dori and Nori.
Here we have Ori's progression from sketch to finish.

All cut out
Getting things started
the body all clipped together...wrong way out
one side stitched together, correctly this time
All together now!
Some close ups of the seems...because I liked it for Bifur

Getting the details started
And so my new love/hate relationship with dwarf hair started

mixing brown and red so that I can get close to Movie!Ori's hair color
building layers so that the bowl cut might work
now he doesn't look like he's wearing a headband
A beard, mustache and hair cut later...
Wild braids start to appear?!
All over the place!
the long braids took some effort because of how the roving is.  Each braid is 18 tufts of roving
Finished Front!  with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows behind him...because it was the tallest book I had, and I wanted a book behind him
Finished from the back
close up of the face
Size comparison with Bifur.

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