Sunday, July 21, 2013

Give her a pony

So, I decided to make my best friend a pony plushie for her birthday this year.  Since i'm being crafty and all.  Got the pattern from Voodoo-Tiki over at Deviantart.

Got all the pieces cut out and wanted to try needle felting details on before i stitched it all together.  a risk, i know, because what if my placement ends up bad?
This pony is going to be a Twinkle eye pony.  They had jewels for eyes in the original series.
and now for the mark
It's an owl...most people have at least gotten that it is a bird, so i'm fine with it.
first stitch the front of the face, then the butt, and then the head to the body...
then the back of the skull to the head and the neck...
and from the side...
then the under belly and hooves

then flip it right side out.  very tricky.  have to get everything through a whole in the stomach.

Then stuff the thing silly!  she is a bit lop sided.  =/
and now for the hair!

decided I was going to braid the mane and tail so that her kitties MIGHT have a harder time "playing" with it.

the colors int eh tail are the EXACT same colors in the mane, i just didn't blend them as much.  On purpose even!
my signature the same way the original pony toys used to have stuff stamped to their feet.  and the "invisible" stitch that i did backwards so that it looks like the poor thing had surgery.  =/  didn't want to take it out though in case i only made it worse.  ^_^;;
And P-chan pony is finished!

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