Saturday, July 18, 2015

Everyone Deserves One

I'll admit it...
...This looks a bit strange, but stick with me, I promise it gets better!
Sama-ma over on Tumblr did not have a Bucky Bear, and I somehow managed to stumble across this fact.  They told me that they had seen some awesome ones on etsy but all of those where out of their price range.  Out of curiosity, I asked what their price range was, they told me, and so I started this as a surprise gift to Sama.
Totally free because they did not ask for it, but really, everyone that wants a Bucky Bear should be able to have one!

 All hand stitched because sewing machines hate me.

 Making friends with my Howling Commando Bucky Bear (he's all needle felted)
 He can see!
 And now his jacket will stay closed...after I pull the voodoo pins out...oops

 He got to meat my Bucky Kitties, a Rescue Cat, a Comic Cat, and a Winter Soldier Cat.  The rescue cat is actually signed by Sebastian Stan and while he had this really strange look on his face when I asked him to sign it, he was totally a good sport about it.  I'm 100% certain he didn't realize it was a Bucky Rescue Cat though.
Comic Cat and Comic Bear saying good-bye.

The 3 Bucky Kitties were made by Burns-like-Ice on Tumlbr on commission requests

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