Sunday, September 13, 2015

Till the End of the Line, and Beyond

A friend of mine told me that Chris Evans was going to be at SLCC this year, in just about 2 weeks if I recall correctly, so I told her that I would make her a doll to gift to him.  He doesn't do many, if any, conventions, and I've given dolls to William Kirchur, Jed Brophy, Adam Brown, Sebastian Stan and Hayley Atwell.  I clearly needed to make it 3 vs 3 for Dwarven actors vs Captain America actors/actresses.

The body base and the Captain I started to make way back when Avengers 1 came out.  Guess who never got finished...

Sorry for the bad quality, the first photo, this one, and the first one of the shield were taken with my iSight camera in gmail chat to show my friend. 
 And then I ran out of blue because I hadn't used it since I had worked on my Bucky Bear.  Oops?
 So I started work on the other colors that I could, like the head
 and his hair

 but not the face, because I knew how many times he would end up kissing my felting mat and I didn't want to potentially mess any detail work up

 This is how I ensured that the shield would be as much of a circle as possible.

 90% success I'd say.
 Oh yea, it's a pocket~

 Thank all the gods, the blue came in.  There were some shipping setbacks.

 And some sore wrists/forearms
 The detail work finally began! \o/

 I had to mix the grey for his star and stripes because my grey was too dark, but the white was they too light.
 praying to the needle felting gods as I voodoo'd with my needles for his star, something I did to be silly that turned out to be an awesome idea.

 Great, now he can watch me as I stab pressure there

 Eyebrow testing before I actually felted them on.
 Found his gloves!

 Stupid pockets...

 That's right, the harness came be taken off.

And the shield can be attached! 

 The button is there for two reasons.  One, because I didn't have a metal thing for the harness to connect into, and two because Stocking Tiger's mother calls me "Other Mother" ...and it felt strange...not to have a button on him...

Because of the way the shield bends he can even wear it on his arm! 

Of corse because I have a Bucky Bear, and I didn't know If I would get the chance later to get nice photos of the two of them together, I did it now.  
Took a moment for them to warm up to each other, but they got over it.

And that's my progression for Steve Rogers in the Stealth Suit from Captain America: the Winter Soldier! 

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