Thursday, December 26, 2013

whose there

So, here is the start of the Owl present I amde for a former co-worker
body + the start of the wings
Color is getting time I dont think i'll start with grey
I very much did a wing and a prayer for how i put the colors down
as can be seen with the eyes.  don't worry, they get better.
this was the teaser photo i sent my friend because i was already late with finishing this, might as well share something of it with her with out letting her know what it is, right?
the wings got extra bits added on to them and the background is filling out, and see, the eyes got better

some shots of the cave effect inside the wings

the background is almost done!

some more shots of the 3D-ness of it.  sorry about my finger in the 3rd one.
the back.  I don't know why, but I like the back of the pieces I do on felt sheets.  it has a really nice texture to it and can have a really interesting look to it too.
and I had to cut off that strip and that fluff ball to get it to fit in the frame.  =/

But at least it can stand on it's own

And the eyes changed again, AND it got a mask!
The mask he held on by wire that sits int he nook where hte wings connect to the body.  I clearly went out of the boarders of hte mask for hte owls face markings, but, meh, i still like it. 

All I ahve to do now is getting it packaged upa nd mailed out!  As soon as i get my act together and get my xmas cards printed  -.-x  Can't share the art I did for them until I know some people have gotten them, and that means that I can't do that until i actually get them mailed!  T∆T WHY!!!!!!

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