Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My 2013 in review, art edition

Welcome to my year 

 owls and lanterns
 my first doll + fur/beard proof of concept
 being silly
 an owl
 I got back into 

 and so i turned my "sarabi" into a thundercat.
 she's obviously a lion, but i have issues needed stripes, so that's how she got the leg and arm warmers

 and my knives and doors
 my best Valentines day ever
 seriously, ever
 a joke i still don't get, but involves the shambling horror movie monsters always sticking to the running victim and/or getting ahead of them.
 and dwarves…and fanfiction…and wing!verse and dwarves with wings…yes i know, i have issues
my first doll finished 
 drawing in Paper on my iPad and playing with coloring hair
 the envelope for my dad's birthday card
 Ori's concept drawing
 clay and needle felted good luck cats
 Bifur's concept sketch
 because the original eye apparently looked like a fish
 I tried to make an owl
 Sarabi thundercat colored
 finished Bifur
 i don't even know
 finished Ori
 Ori and Bifur together

 I made a pony
 Bombur's sketch
 finished Balin
 finish Bombur
 my day at work most days
 William Kircher actually showed off my doll at Dragon*Con!  as well as 2 or 3 other gifts
 I made an ear cuff
 the cafĂ© above the bookstore has a chalk board table
a gift for a woman i met at a quilt show 

my doll met my doll teacher 

 my wall of set things
 i made a lanter for halloween, there are 3 other images on the other sides
 i made a hatchling
 and a cat
 and Jack
 and a…pendant thing
 and consolidated my army
 and took new photo's of this
 this and
 and dressed Dwalin up as a lolita
 and drew a squirel for a friend
 and made new things

 like an owl face

 and then painted them

 the 1977 version of the door to Bag End

 the original and the ones from the mold


a skull 
and owl and his mask for a friend for xmas…i still need to mail them out x.X 
 Bifur m2

 how i draw a hand so that a friend could see
 another fem!dwarf

 and again but in Paper this time

 the original sketch

 Oak+ shield and Thor+in
 getting ready for acen


the construction of my first doll 
and then my 2nd 

 and another dwarf, full body this time

 making an iPad sleeve 

 finished sleeve
 my gifts for friends at acen

 proof of concept for bifur's beard braids

they are a bit out of order, but that's been my year.

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