Sunday, November 24, 2013

Enter a Dragon

The, almost, start.  Wrapped the core wool around a pipecleaner  to be able to get the curvey shape with out having to really try.
the front leg closest to the camera was done 2 days before the other legs, so naturally i got it to look awesome, and then the other 3 were such a struggle because I couldn't remeber what I had done exactly.
but at least I got all 4 on him!
and here's the head!

Ok, the head looks a lot like a dinosaur, i know!  work with me here, it'll get better!
nice and shiny red

working its way all over the body
HA!  less l=dino like!
and a HUGE gap after I got the red frinished to when the accents were enarly finished

he even has a very slight mustache(sp)

some close ups of the accents

And finally some nice photos in sunlight and not my desk light of the finished Tiny!

Tiny was made for a lady at a quilt show that loved my story of making a Bifur doll for William Kircher and actually getting it to him AND then getting the autograph and a photo of him with the doll all for free when, apparently, Dragon*Con frowns heavily upon that.  She liked the story so much that she gave me a basket and told me to pick 3 of the kitty dolls she had made.  This little old grandmother type lady wouldn't let me leave her booth until I had!!  So i picked a little one for myself and 2 medium ones for others.  and she got MAD at me for picking the smalest size for myslef and told me to take a 4th!!  o.O;;;  So I let my sister pick a kitty too.  She took a medium sized kitty.

Well, I had found out through our story telling that this lady loved the books for the hobbit and lord of the rings, and that she knew who bifur was, even if she had no idea who william kircher was, AND she could kick her grandson's asses in playstation games XD AND that she favored Eastern styled dragons.   Light Bulb!

And that is how Tiny came about.  As a thank you for an old school geek/gamer grandmother who loved kitties and dragons.  ^_^

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