Saturday, March 3, 2012


So, i've scanned in some of the printing I did earlier in the week when i called out of work and switch my day off so that it wouldn't count against me. Here is what I did + one I did today:

The top print was done some time in middle school 92 and 95, I found it again while i was looking for my animations to see if I could swap out medium clamps for the large ones I knew where holding them together.
I decided that I
wanted to re-do the design to see if I could do it better. Thus the bottom one was done on Speedball speedy-carve.
I changed the design by not having the ears folded back, having a larger eye area, and having one paw up instead of all four (8?) down. I also added the paw prints in the corners so that when i printed it the paper would have something to rest on in those places and wouldn't bend or do strange things, since, you know, it's been 2/3s-ish of my life since i've done any printing.
When I did the sketch for this I only drew one cat and then scanned it into photoshop and duplicated the layer and flipped it so that I could get a better symmetry with both cats.

My initials are done on a 2"x1"x1" gum eraser tipped onto the 1"x1" side.

the Moonkin I carved from speedball speedy-carve and the hatchling i cut from a gum eraser.

It was family portrait day. =D

Sadly too much ink on the brayer. The paper really is yellow and should have a kind of cloudy appearance, but my printer told me no for that and no amount of fiddling in photoshop could bring it out w/o making the prints look odd.
I even cut my initials into the end of a gum eraser so that i could have a stamp for them too. i'm a dork some times. ...why are you all looking at me like that?!

My Moonkin hatchling stamp now complete with a flower...a kind of crazy flower. o.O

For those that have seen the moonkin hatchling in WoW the flower with it will be obvious, but for those that don't play, the hatchling with randomly cast a "spell" and a flower will grow in front of it.

I'm convinced it's trying to teach itself how to summon Treants like the player moon kin can do.

Hang in there, Boomy! You'll be summon your own baby Treants in no time!!

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