Friday, March 30, 2012

Molding my army

One of these days I'll figure out how to get this ap to my my photos in in the order I want.


Last weekend I made a 3D mini moonkin hatchling. About and inch across and 2 inches tall. Maybe the weekend before last actually? I don't remember now. =/

At any rate a friend like the little guy so much she suggested that I make a mold so that I can easily make copies for the 4 main color variations. She gave me a link to a store that sells little silicon mold making...thingies (I'll post it later) and so I got them in the mail and made my mold and can now start my moonkin hatchling army!!

The color variations will be tawny/brown, plum/grey, dark red/black and dark grey(dusty brown?)/lighter grey for Tauren, night elves, trolls and worgen.

I might remove the top most flares on the head IF I put the antlers on, all moonkin should have the superior horns like Tauren, but I'm not sure, I like the flares the way they are.

I should try to sell them on etsy...

edit: rearranged the images into the correct order.

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