Saturday, February 18, 2012

failed attempt

So, leaving a bleach and sodium alginate mix sit all week is not a bad idea. it all breaks down and the bleach won't bleach anything. -.-x I'm annoyed with myself because I should have known when the alginate i was adding back into it to thicken it back up wasn't turning white.


*face palms*

So, NOT washing the mess out before I painted the mix with active bleach back onto the cloth was…not stupid, but a waist of time. It did bleach out a little bit, but the tension in the cloth was gone and it only turned the cloth a VERY dark rusty red color. -.-

It's in the washing machine now on a quick was cycle and then it'll be in the dryer and I'll be trying it again. I know I won't get the new stencil on to perfectly match, but I'm going to try. The upside to it not matching perfectly is that the first try might be too dark to be seen OR when I dye it the colors I'll be painting over it you really won't be able to see then.

no photo of my failure. =/