Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crafting project

Using a tutorial I found at for bleaching fabric I started on the 2 images I want to put on a square of fabric so I can make a furoshiki bag. I'll be using the bag for when I go to anime central in Chicago in April.

The tutorial said to use 1 tbs of bleach and sodium alginate but my mix has 1 tbs of the alginate and 16 tbs of bleach. I didn't want to use more but I think I should have because it was supposed to become a cream but mine was more paste like. I think when I do the 2nd part of it I'll add in some more bleach, but I'm still hesitant to do it because it feels like a lot of bleach.

On the up side the alginate cut the fumes of the bleach out almost entirely. A big plus.

My first try turned out a bit blotchy, but since it was my first try ever I can live with that. I'm going to try a slightly different method for when I do more next weekend.

I have been taking photos as I go, though I didn't get a photo of when I rinsed the bleach off because u didn't want to accidentally drop my phone into the bath tub with the water running. ^_^;

More to come on this project later~!!

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