Friday, September 22, 2017

Headless to Falkor to Enoch

And so begins a new Adventure!
This time, Serpopard from Magic the Gathering.  No sock to help me out for the body and legs like with Stocking Tiger, this guy was start to finish, just me.

It started out genderless, then the person who asked for it decided It was going to be a He, but still had no name for I started calling him Headless.  For obvious reasons I feel.

the body just...kept...growing!

...and growing...

omg, the tail started?!

A wild Sarabi has appeared, with Headless around her shoulders.

And so the needle felting begins.

I'm sure you've probably started to wonder what this thing is actually supposed to look like, well, here's the card pic I was shown.  =D

And so we meet Falkor.  He stopped being Headless when I started posting photo's of this on instagram and someone said it looked like Falkor from Never ending story.

...still working that tail...

and done the tail! \o/

Head's going to need some color though.

Ok, we're good.

Aw, crap...4 legs...back to rounds...

Please tell me you aren't shocked to see Bucky Bear make an appearance.  You had to know he was coming.

The leg is attached...the head is not.  Sorry Falkor, Soon (™)

And then Falkor got to meet his other big brother Stocking (Stitches) Tiger

And Stocking Tigers other Mother...though we both say the other is the other mother, so?  I'd also like to point out where his tail is on Dream.

Why do they have FOUR legs?!

Thank the gods, no more legs!

No, Falkor, you head still isn't attached.  Please stop judging me!

And now he can watch me, because it wasn't bad enough when he had a vague sense of where I was and what I was doing.

There!  Are you happy now? Paws?  What about the...oh, oh yea...I'm working on that...

another wild Sarabi appears

oh gods, he can sit up now...

and be clingy to let me know he's judging me...

Sloe, see, I got this paw thing down!

What?  You need 1 for each leg?!  FINE!  Needy cat...

You'd think I'd murdered him instead of Frankenstein'd him...

Stay still damnit, it's not like it's a thorn, it's a tapestry needle!

There, 4, ar you happy now?!

What? Speak up, cat I can't hear...oh, right...let me get on that...

...too small...


Could you stop judging me for ONE MOMENT

...yes, ok, that ear sucks too...i'll pull it off... >_O gently...

a wild Sarabi seen from behind (5'2", the tail only just doesn't drag)

I'm working on it!  I need tiny scissors before the ear surgery T∆T stop looking at me like that!

...omg, I think he's either depressed...or planning my death...

Hello Enoch!

He's done and still judging me...I'm not sure how i feel about that...

The "Sarabi Studios" alphyn seal

clear coating happened so the silver won't coming off, but those are slip knots, so the whole thing can come off too if need be.

I think he's gotten wise that he's not gonna be with me much longer

Now he's just sulking

He was not thrilled when I said we were going out, then I told him it was to find him his own box to sit in.  ..."If he fits, he ships?"

Bucky Bear saying goodbye to his newest little (bigger) brother.

His last photo with me.  Proof of life in a box...Have fun at your new home, Enoch!  Think fondly of your other mother (me) once you get to your main mother ^_^

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