Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Big Bear, small bear

And so my new adventure begins!

 Look, he's happy to see you!  Hugs all around! 
 He might look like he's leaning, but he can sit up on his own.  Say hi to my original Bucky bear!

Finally, we're getting somewhere!

 Original placement win
 Felting ear placement fail?
They're a bit bigger than I had originally intended, but I wasn't going to cut/rip them off to try again.  Felting moves in one direction!

 Oh look, he can watch me now...

 He wasn't thrilled about being used as a voodoo doll...
 But at least he has a harness?


 All these details and accents in black...ugh, my eyes started having issues focusing on it all!
 Oh good, weaponry!
 oh no...weaponry?!
 Gun ain't going no didn't need to use that, did you Bucky?

Here Bucky, have two more weapons that you won't be able to use.  Just kill the enemy with your cuteness... 
 And now all the little details begin...

 Like the line work on that gods damned arm!  Truth be told, I didn't look at anything when I did the black lines on the arm.  I kind of just said, "eff it" and free formed them.  I like how it turned out.

 Yes, that IS one of his grenades!  Made with yarn because I liked the color.  I will never do that again...

 Little red star, you were a pain in my butt to do.
 Sitting with his short big brother.  Sorry original Bucky Bear...

And details of the arms.

Thats it, thanks for scrolling!

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