Sunday, March 9, 2014


I decided that I was going to make a Moonkin face...

It's more owl then moonkin, so I'm just going to run with it that it was suposed to be an owl to begin with.  No one needs to know one comes here to read things anyway.  =D
Here we have hte original, the mold, and the first clone.
and the family groes.  the top left one gets remolded
into this.  the red is left over from another one that isn't pictured just yet.
The first test with colors.
The original in gold, the red eyed one with its blue and silver scheme, and a blank light blue
And some of the others with their colors
the original
the one i'm keeping no matter what
trying to figure out how I want the colors to be
a special color scheme for a friend that won't have any baring on what the final scheme will be
working out that the beak fluff and just above the eyes will always be silver.  the eyes and top most eyebrow part will always be the same color, and the middle eyebrow part and the edges of the side feathers will be the same color.
With hte exception of this guy, cause I wanted a gold and silver one =D
And this is what I'm using to color them with.  Guilders paste, make-up brushes and a clear coat of sculpey gloss glaze.

Each one is $10 once finished.  I'm hoping that the college I work at, but not for, will commision something from me soon.  One of the representatives from their alumnae services really liked the little needle felted lanter I ahve above my desk, and I sent her a photo of the original for these owl faces.

Wish me luck~!

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