Sunday, February 3, 2013

Of knives and doors

So, I've made the door to Bag End and a disk with a knife on it. I'm planning on putting bag end up on etsy, even made a mold of it. But it's a pain to get out with out messing up the door knob. =/

The knife-y one is for Acen this year. I'm making one for each of the people I'm meeting up with and 2 extra for people who can't go. The knife is for the Knife Wielding Fangirls, KWF, that a friend pulled me into some 10 years ago now. I'm the mid-Atlantic branch apparently. O.o;;

I hope my Acen friends will like the knives they get and I hope the door is well received in etsy, and by we'll received I mean I hope someone looks at it. =/ I really don't put popular things up on that site.

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