Saturday, February 16, 2013

...and back again.

So, here is the finished Bag End doors, now more then one, the scene of Bag End and the party tree that I made for a friend for valentines day because it makes me forever sad to read the posts she writes every year about bad things happening to her on the 14th.

Not this year, baby! Below is a screen shot of her reaction. ^_^ I think it also might have been my own best valentines day because of this. Nothing is better then getting to surprise a good friend and being rewarded with their utter happiness at the gift, 😸

That silver and black piece that is mixed in with the Bag End things is the ring that Thorin Oakenshield has in the movie. I need to fix the back up and then clean coat that and it'll be done.

I want to make things that represent Bifur and Bofur, but aside from Bofur's hat I'm not sure what to do. Ideas?

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