Sunday, August 19, 2012

Going Down

My Sailor Atlas. I've had her forever.

She used to get up to more antics, but I'm just not as big into the sailor moon fandom as I once was. Atlas is one of Saturn's many many moons. Most moons of any of the planets.

 I wish I could find the art I did for her in the late 90's (to show just how much of a train wreck my drawing used to be XD;; )

I think I figured out why I'm not really happy with how her shoulder looks. The anatomy is broken. I'll have to more a mirror closer to were I sit while I draw to work on that.

Drawn with a blue pencil, then inked over in blue too. I've done blue lines for her once before. Then I used prismacolor premier pencils to color her in.

I wish I was a writer so that I could get some of her adventures out of my head, but sadly I have permanent writers block when ever I try.

Sailor Atlas © me
Sailor Moon © Naoko Takeuchi

These are all photo's taken with my iPhone while I was coloring her.  The reason why it looks like there is 2 of everything is because I took one of the unblended colors (seen most easily with the black sections) and then again after I'd blended the colors out.

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