Thursday, August 16, 2012

Borrowed muse

This is Elem Miire, an elf. She belongs to a friend of mine named Fizzy. Her muses have often smacked me upside the head to draw something for her.

With 2 exceptions I really love this drawing and how I colored it.

I hope she likes it to after she sees it at my deviantart page.


  1. I love art progress~!

    Random question, but do you also start in the same area or not? I personally almost always start with coloring in the skin.

    1. Wait till you see my next progression! >=D

      For Elem here I colored her in the order that the colors came up in my set. Pinks and reds on the top and her skin color farther back.

      For the one I'm scanning at the moment I did start with the skin there though even though the beige color was farther back.

      I think you use Prismacolor things to color with too, right? Have you ever used their colorless blending pencil?? That's what I use to smooth the colors out if I don't have it smooth while I'm putting hte bace color and the shading colors down.

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