Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ravens and kitties

(I looked in the mirror and all that I saw was the purple, twisted Ravenclaw)
So, I put pen to speedy cut and drew it out as if I was going to be looking at the finished thing instead of doing a mirror image of the raven and R. /sigh
So now it prints backwards. -.-;;
I'm disappointed in myself for not realizing my mistake before I started to cut, and sadly it didn't occur to me until after I put ink on it and pressed it to paper and then peeled the paper away. Bad Sarabi.
I still like it though. I think it turned out nice despite being flipped the wrong way round.

As for this kitty, it was inspired by a sketch I did while on break a week or so ago. Poor thing is just exhausted and keeled right on over to face plant. I was originally going to do another sitting up kitty so there is wire in the neck for support, but then I remembered my doodle and I wanted to do this instead. =D

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