Sunday, July 13, 2014

The end of the line, until we meet again

So, I started a new needlefelt doll.  Lets see how long it takes for you to guess!  This project is for the cosplay that I will be doing at the end of August for Dragon*Con.  It's a little hush-hush for now though, so you'll just have to guess at who or what I am going to be that weekend!
Here are the head and the body and the fluff that is going to connect them!

And here they are together
And a size comparison with some of the other things i've made that are just needle felted.
THe legs ahve joined the body
The arms ahve gotten their act together.
Ears have formed now too
and ahve joined up to the head!
Color has started to apear now
The face didn't end up staying like this
Blue has started to form around the bear...almost as if it was a jacket
Sorry for how dark these two are.
See, it must be a jacket!  A wild collar has appeared!
Oh hey!  buttons and lines of some sort!  And the collar has extended down to form another little piece
Shoes have also formed
And the other brown bits are leggings
A mask?  What on earth is going on?!
It's a bear!  a BUCKY Bear!  Only he is in his costume from Captain America: The First Avenger!
The mask is an omage to the original Bucky Bear.
He even has two belt pouches.  Though I did not needle felt his rifle.
Thanks for joining us!

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