Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Cook

My next dwarf is Bombue!  Lets get to it!

The sketch of what I want it to look like
All of the pieces cut out of flannel this time and laid out how I want the front and back to look
the arm, pants,and part of the jacket all stitched together
the other part of the jacket
so, i cut out all of these pieces for the back and the jacket part covers it all...screw it, I cut em out they are going to be part of this!
getting ready to put it together inside out
what the inside looks like while i'm stitching it togehter
Body done, onto the head
the view from above
starting the sewing
all together now!
and now for the needle felting.  gloves, belt, some trim at the short sleeves of his jacket and his satchel
close up of the belt
the arm with the glove and sleeve trim
the back
close up of the back of the neck
another detail of the belt and satchel
time for some hair!

unlike my others, Bombur's hair can't be combed, it's needle felted into its shape
his bald spot
the braid!  is actually a different color then the rest of his hair.  the hair on his head is a mix of dark red, yellow, and a light orange.  the braid is that color on its own.  I forgot I had it, otherwise i wouldn't have mixed the hair on his head.

And here are my boys thus far!

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