Friday, April 12, 2013

More sewing?!

I have/had a bunch of stuff to the left of my keyboard that I eventually need to finish painting, but am being lazy about it. So, they sit there and collect dust and get in my way…and I have a short stack of felt on my laptop also collecting dust…and some wire and chain…/lightbulb

Green bag looking thing!! I wasn’t originally going to do anything to the opening, but for whatever reason the Hulk popped into my head and went and burgled purple thread from my mother (I asked her for it, so I think she’s under the impression that she’s getting it back…sorry mom). Some quick stitches around the opening in a fairly haphazard way and finished. It can be haphazard because its the hulk that insipid me. =D 
The holes in the corners for the wire ended up being pierced with my xacto knife and then the wire was hooked through. Added the chain so it could hang and be really out of my way and done!

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