Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Demon ...healer?

My friends D&D character. She asked me to draw her and this is what I came up with. She's a Tiefling Cleric…so a fire demon thing that uses holy magic. She's the healer. oh, the irony, because in the end she'll really just want to watch the world burn…and her group mates too.

suckers. XD

It's a pose from from an x-men comic, and while I've mimic'd the pose before I think this time was the first that I hadn't traced it in one way or another.  which is why that bent leg is driving me insane with how BAD it looks.  -.- but 6 or 7 erasures and redo's of it and that is the best it got. -.-; I like the drawing overall, but that leg...

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  1. I really do believe that you are the only one who has realized my ulterior motive. My character is playing nice right now, b/c she is concussed. but once she regains her memories, and thus her true self, everything, including the 3 members of the group who so far have shown themselves to be pomp-ass (pun intended) a-holes in real life and in the game, will burn. Burn I say BURN!